Monday, May 7, 2018

Temecula's Full Service Fine Diamond Jewelry

It is written in history that Alexander the Great conquered the Persian empire in 331 B.C., his domain extended from Greece to Asia Minor, Egypt, the Near East, and India. This unprecedented contact with distant cultures not only spread Greek styles across the known world, but also exposed Greek art and artists to new and exotic influences. Amazing innovations in Greek jewelry can be traced even earlier to the time of Philip II of Macedon father of Alexander the Great.

 Since its early beginning, the Temecula Valley has always been a place where the combination of mild climate and beautiful rolling hills have attracted human settlement and jewelry seekers. Whether its a wedding ring or diamonds or pearls. When shopping for jewelers in Temecula, it is nice to know in old town Gems N’ Loans is making history by offering some of the most competitive pricing in Riverside County.

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