Monday, December 11, 2017

Gems N' Loans Temecula Fast Cash and Fine Jewelers

How To Use Jewelry Like a Credit Card

You never what your going to find when you dig deep into your treasure chest. The idea that one can obtain monetary exchange for a collateral loan, says a lot for the community that Gems. N" Loans Temecula are offering 1 to 2 5 interest on any trade in of your old jewelry old gold. 

Often it is really about supplying a payday advance t your self for your hard work. Learn more here!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Temecula Jewelry Masters Tell All

 The Amazing Stories That Bring Us Together

While trying to find the perfect engagement ring in Temecula, jewelers not only have advice, but they offer interesting gossip. Before we lead you into the juicy details, we like to disclose our amazing abilities in master jewelry. If you don't have the budget for what you see in the gas, you might find that customizing or trading you jewelry towards your ultimate goal can be possible hear at Gems N' Loans Temecula.

On one special day that Pete and I will never forget, he had been meeting with Carina at a Jeweler designing and creating a ring that has brought me so much joy and happiest. My ring is so special to me because the diamond belonged to Rick’s grandmother. I am so honored that Rick chose me to be his wife and share such a beautiful piece of family history with me. We cannot thank Gems N' Loans master jewelers enough for their time, commitment, and the spectacular experience we have had in our wedding experience. When I look down at my hand, I have a feeling of happiness I have never ever felt before. This is honestly the happiness time in our lives and I couldn’t be more overjoyed with the ring Pete gave me. Carina has been such a blessing in our lives by helping Pete and guiding him in this process.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Jewelers Promenade Temecula

Shopping for Jewelry Alternatives

Investing in precious metal and jewelry can be one that keeps its value and even increases over time. The desire for good jewelers in Temecula can still be realized if you know a few ways to save money when buying jewelry. The way to save on jewelry purchases is more about being intelligent about your source and be careful to shop only from those trustworthy sellers like Gems N' Loans in Temecula. Real gold and precious stone jewelry is authentic as advertised.

An important rule in getting more for your jewelry dollar is to avoid full price retail items like at other stores. If you are in the market for diamond or real gold or platinum jewelry such as wedding bands, the better prices will always be found at a pawn shops or diamond brokers who are near you or available on the Old Town.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fine Jewelers Temecula Shiny Diamond

Alexander's Engagement to Kay at The Promenade
The day was young while Alexander and Kay wandered around Temecula near Old Town, sipping wine and windowed shopped. Meanwhile, Alex remained preoccupied about finding a jeweler in Temecula's old town district. He carried with him his grandmothers wedding ring that was passed down to him in his pocket. Knowing his darling from head to toe, he was very aware of Kay's finger size, and wanted to surprise her by resizing that old ring and customizing it for something new. He planned to propose to her near Gems N' Loans, and follow by producing the ring and resizing idea after, should she say yes.

He knew that the master jeweler could make those dimaonds shine like the eyes of his love. Swinging int he sun admiring each other lead to him gathering the courage.

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Temecula Jewelers Bargains

How to Find Great Deals on Jewelry
Brush some dust off? Not here! The longer the a ring you are looking at have been sitting in the showcase, the better the chance there is that its price tag doesn’t reflect the recent quadrupling of gold prices. Diamond prices have been going up as well, so older price tags are good news for you. Pawn shops like Gems N' Loans in Temecula, have been known to have amazing steals on engagement and wedding rings. They are a well known jeweler and offer intimate service and advice.

Bargaining is something that you can’t do with a mainstream jeweler. It’s actually perfectly acceptable to rally prices back and forth with a pawn dealer. Paying cash is a great way to shave off some dollars on your next adornment.

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Monday, November 6, 2017

How to Master Fine Jewelry in Temecula

Custom Jewelry Design Dos and Don'ts
Our custom Made Pieces are priced comparable to fine quality mass produced pieces, and you get exactly what you want!

Buying directly from the Jewelers in Temecula saves you money and you get a better piece of fine jewelry. To save even more, choose our Gems N' Loans originals or find great deals on our in stock items.

Pricing is based on design complexity & difficulty, metal and gemstones. Many custom shops are expensive, but we produce top quality Original Designs for less than most stores sell mass produced pieces. We find that if price is not considered, platinum is almost always first choice for white metals. White gold is very popular, strong and whiter than ever. Newer white gold alloys are less likely to cause irritation than they used to. We also offer palladium 950, a platinum group metal, with similar properties at a much lower cost than platinum. We cast in all alloys of gold, and even do exotic alloys like stainless steel and titanium for certain types of work. 

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Temecula Jewelry Buy and Sell

Diamonds and Fine Jewelry as Collateral
Masters of fine jewelry, diamonds and dreams. Serving Temecula, Murrieta, and surrounding Temecula Valley. Jewelry buyers create a private and respectful experience during your appointment. After careful evaluation of your diamond jewelry, our experts will present you with our highest possible purchase offer. Upon offer acceptance, we guarantee immediate payment.Whether you are selling diamond wedding rings from famous makers (i.e. De Beers, Tiffany, Harry Winston), diamond engagement rings, diamond bracelets, diamond necklaces, or diamond earrings, Gems N' Loans Temecula diamond buyers will provide you with fabulous service, the best value and immediate payment.