Monday, August 28, 2017

Temecula Jewelery Options Have Expanded

ON-Site Master Jewelers and More
Custom design the engagement ring of your dreams with our Artisans and Craftsmen at Master Jewelers.

In the old days, a person would become an apprentice and after a few years, if he can pass a qualifying exam administered by the Guild, a person would be
called a Master Jeweler. It is interested to note that very often
the pieces made on these exams were, by some accounts, the most
elaborate and complicated pieces ever produced.

At Temecula Gems N’ Loans, we craft and repair jewelry of any kind according to our clients specifications. Our designer engagement rings and gold jewelry are available for any occasion, at affordable pricing.

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Jewelers in Temecula Have a Total Eclipse

Don't Be Caught on The Dark Side of The Moon


When you feel like you are in the dark, and your and shadowed by the moon. The time couldn't be more perfect then to engage to your love. Our jewelry is affordable and customizable. Diamonds are like galactic ships and pearls like the planetary affordability at Gems N' Loans in Temecula.

Some of the finest in custom jewelry design and fitting on planet Earth. Zoom in to Old Town and begin your orbital journey into the unknown galaxy of gold, gems, and silver.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

The Best Thing About Jewelers in Old Town Temecula

Master Jewelers And Designer Jewelers

The term “Master jeweler” is usually reserved for the very best jewelers, however, it can also be used to describe a jeweler with the most seniority and experience at a particular store. Some say a true master jeweler is expertly skilled in most, if not all, jewelry skills, including design, drawing, engraving, hand building, soldering, wax carving, and setting.

At Gems N’ Loans in Temecula our jewelers are GIA certified and capable of bringing you a dream ring to fruition. A starving student came in the other day to shop for engagement rings, and wanted to engage to her boyfriend in order to make her father proud. She was able to find an amazing deal that only required resizing.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Temecula Jewelry Experience

How People Get there Best Jewelry from a Pawn Shop
Before going to Gems N' Loans Temecula, Google our reviews to get a sense of a company’s reputation. Also, Google the market price for gold per gram, and keep that in the back of your mind for when you go in.

There is something that you can’t do with a mainstream jeweler: bargain. It’s actually perfectly acceptable to rally prices back and forth with a pawn dealer. Paying cash is a great way to shave off some dollars.

The great thing about gold and precious stones is that they hold their value. Finally get rid of that necklace your ex gave you, and put it towards what you actually want. I saved a couple hundred on my new diamond signet by doing just that!

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