Monday, May 14, 2018

Common Misconceptions About Diamonds

Are Diamonds are Formed from Pressurized Coal

You may have even heard this from your elementary school science teacher years ago because this is one big diamond myth that never quite goes away. That is probably because no one is actually quite sure how diamonds form. However, the science is, admittedly very inexact, because no one has been able to study a diamond in the formation stage. The generally held belief is that diamonds form deep in the Earth’s mantle from another form of carbon, graphite. They are eventually then pushed up to the surface via pipes formed from a fascinating rock called Kimberlite.

It has also been said that “the bigger the diamond, the better.” This is not always the case. Infant, a big diamond may look impressive to people who like big jewelry. The value of a diamond in the jewelry world is not solely based on its size. What determines the value has a lot to do with its cut, clarity and color. Often a big diamond may rank very badly in these areas and actually be far less valuable than a smaller counterpart.

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