Thursday, April 26, 2018

Your Jewelry Mart in Temecula

We Craft and Repair Jewelry of any Kind According to Our Clients Specifications
Customers often ask about diamond shopping at pawn shops vs. diamond shopping with a jeweler in Temecula. The longer the ring you are interested in have been sitting in the showcase, the better the chance there is that its price tag doesn’t reflect the recent quadrupling of gold prices. Diamond prices have been going up as well, so older price tags are good news for you.

A quick tip would be to take a look at the condition of the price tag to tell you how long the ring has sat unsold.  The longer they have had it, the deeper the discount might be. This type of bargaining might not be applicable in an actual jewelry store.

Unlike jewelry stores, pawn shops have other sources of revenue coming form collateral loans, so they are able to negotiate based on fair market values.

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