Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Best Jewelry Love Story in Temecula

How He Won Her Heart With a Diamond

Jared and Kay were no ordinary couple from Kansas. After pursuing their dreams of a life in California, they began to feel strange that they were living together and never discussed marriage. While Kay wasn’t really materialistic, she did have a fondness for jeweler in Temecula. She soon found out that her new place in California was surrounded by wedding, wine sipping and romance.

After Jared made some extra money from pure luck at Pechanga, he found that he could actually afford to buy a diamond engagement ring for Kay. Little did he know that she too was mesmerized by the very idea and had been visiting jewelry store in Old Town.

When Jared arrived to surprise Kay with here new engagement ring, she had already prepared a candle light dinner, and was only going to discuss her thoughts on marriage. When the proposal was finished she never felt more in tune and love with here soon to be fiancee.

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