Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Jewelers in Temecula Offer Fine Jewelry Repair Advice

The Best Jewelry Repair Tips

The most common repairs include: Ring sizing, Ring prong re-tipping or replacement
Ring head/setting replacement, Ring setting/stone tightening, Chain repair, Clasp replacement, Stone replacement, Polishing and cleaning and Pearl restringing.

Jewelry you wear regularly, especially rings, can benefit from a cleaning and inspection twice a year to prevent damage that occurs over time from normal wear and tear. In addition to cleaning and polishing, a jeweler can check on the overall condition of your jewelry to make sure stones are not coming loose or clasps are not bent.

Not all adornments repairs are of a similar quality and a few repairs are more troublesome than others, so it's imperative to go to a gem dealer you trust. On the off chance that your gems are under guarantee, you'll need to backpedal to the diamond setter you acquired from. Gems N’ Loans Temecula will make sure you walk away a happy customer.

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