Thursday, March 30, 2017

Real or Not Real?

Undisclosed synthetic diamonds are reaching epidemic levels. Gems N' Loans specialize in finding lab grown mounted jewelry & loose diamonds.
"Precious stones are a young lady's closest companion," or so goes the melody. Surely, precious stones are by a long shot the main decision for engagement and wedding bands, endowments in genuine connections, and that's just the beginning. What's more, precious stones remain the absolute most imperative gemstone in the gems exchange. So it merits seeing that our exchange is having a few challenges with the coming of boring engineered jewels. Reports of undisclosed manufactured jewels being sent into GIA and other reviewing labs shows that a few people are endeavoring to get false documentation to execute misrepresentation on the general population.

At Gems N' Loans Temecula, our expert Jewelers will help you decipher the difference!

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